FIX stands for Financial Information Exchange and it is a protocol used in the field of finance for different systems to communicate with each other. FIX API is a set of instructions and commands that can be used by the traders to access the FX liquidity pools and enables them to perform different types of high-speed trading.

Key benefits of using a FIX API are :


Provides high-speed connectivity - Without MT5 or other platforms in the middle, you have direct exchange access. Latency is non-existent and speeds are within 5 milliseconds!

Deep Pool Liquidity

Access to multiple different LP's. No limit with the possibilities of what your trading systems can achieve.

Direct Exchange Connection

Your connections are directly plugged into our NY4 and LD4 Equinix datacentres, meaning your orders are cleared alongside Tier 1 banks and liquidity providers.

Professional Traders

Highly beneficial to professional traders and FX-scalpers..


Since protocol is written in a coding language, users can tailor APIs to suit their needs..


We provide full transparency to our clients at Land-FX .

As an API trader we understand that you are unique in your requirements.
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Our FIX API provides multi-bank pricing via a FIX 4.4 protocol. Our gateway will allow you to execute trades and place orders rapidly while displaying full depth of book. For more information about our FIX API protocols, please contact us.